8 años de servicio de Stephanie Gharakhanian

Durante los últimos ocho años, Stephanie Gharakhanian ha luchado junto a nuestros miembros para lograr justicia económica para los trabajadores en Texas. Nuestros miembros la conocen por su trabajo para recuperar salarios y como una verdadera visionaria en campañas para lograr mejores condiciones laborales, incluyendo descansos, días de enfermedad pagados, reforma migratoria y su trabajo […]

Stephanie Gharakhanian’s 8 Years of Service at Workers Defense

Over the last eight years, Stephanie Gharakhanian has fought alongside our members to achieve economic justice for workers throughout Texas. Our members know her for her work to recover unpaid wages and as a true visionary in campaigns to win better working conditions — including rest breaks, paid sick days, immigration reform, and her work […]

In response to Harris County Sheriff Gonzalez’s Pending Nomination as ICE Director, Advocates Demand Accountability and Bold Action

Earlier this week, immigrant rights and criminal justice advocates were shocked to learn that Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez was nominated by the Biden Harris Administration to lead U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE), a federal immigration enforcement agency rooted in imperialism and white supremacy, and responsible for numerous human rights violations.

After One Year of Freedom City Policies, Community Groups Call on Austin Police Department to Fully Comply

Austin, TX — On June 14, 2018, following a long community-led campaign, the Austin City Council unanimously approved the Freedom City Policies, a community-based response to local entanglement with federal immigration enforcement and racial disparities in arrests by the Austin Police Department (APD). To mark the Policies’ one-year anniversary, immigrants, community groups and residents reflect on their impact […]