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Workers Defense plans action against HB4 which allows peace officers to racially profile and detain residents

Media Advisory
Contact: Christine Bolaños, (512)466-9258,

AUSTIN – House Bill 4 is a sweeping anti-immigration measure that would allow Texas peace
officers to detain anyone that does not enter the state through a port of entry. It creates two new
criminal offenses for “illegal entry” and “illegal reentry,” and allows a Texas magistrate or judge
to dismiss charges and order the individual to return to the nation they entered from, even if they
themselves are not from that country. If passed, this bill would protect all law enforcement
officers, state officials, and contractors from monetary damages and other penalties that could
result from enforcing any of the new offenses in this bill.

Workers Defense believes the full scope, impact, and implementation of HB 4 is not fully
understood and that all Texans, regardless of migrant status, stand to be impacted when a
peace officer across the state is empowered to racially profile and detain people they believe
might not have entered through a port of entry. In response, the organization will lead a direct
action on Tuesday at the Texas House floor when the House is slated to vote to pass HB 4.

“HB4 proposes unleashing mass prosecution and incarceration across our state at any cost. It’s
not just a financial cost but it is in violation of international and domestic law, and in violation of
the norms of decency with which any human being should be treated,” said Workers Defense
Policy Director David Chicanchan.”

“This will have a huge negative impact on our Texas workforce, which heavily relies on
immigrant labor. 70% of construction workers are foreign born, while 50% of them are
undocumented,” said Workers Defense State Legislative Coordinator Daniela Hernandez.
“Construction is a booming industry in Texas, and instead of passing legislation that will protect
these workers at their jobs, this body has chosen to criminalize and punish them for contributing
to our economy and building our state.”

Where: 2nd floor entrance to the House at 9:15 am
When: Tuesday, November 14, 2023
What: Workers Defense members, staff, allies, and partners will march up
to the Second Floor West landing outside the House Chamber Entrance and
chant, pass out water bottles, and ask elected officials to vote no on HB 4.

Reporters covering this event should RSVP to Workers Defense Communications Director
Christine Bolaños by 9 am on Tuesday, November 14, 2023 at or at


Workers Defense Action Fund is a statewide organization dedicated to empowering workers and
immigrants across Texas to pass policies and support candidates that address injustices in their communities.