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Workers Defense has campaigns throughout Texas aiming to improve working conditions for construction workers and their families. Our members are at the forefront of these campaigns.

Current Campaigns

Statewide Campaigns:

  • DALE Campaign

    We are demanding that President Biden remove the threat of deportation for undocumented workers. The looming threat of deportation results in rampant abuse against workers, including day laborers, domestic workers, street vendors, factory and delivery workers, and many more.

  • Better Builder Pledges

    Through policy change and community education, the Better Builder® Program seeks to improve conditions in the Texas construction industry by advocating for the following workplace standards: living wages, OSHA safety training, worker’s compensation coverage, local hiring goals and independent third-party monitoring. Read More.

Austin Campaigns:

  • Tesla Gigafactory Campaign

    Many have come forward with serious labor and employment violations during construction of Tesla’s new facility in Austin. These conditions left workers vulnerable to injury and wage theft. Workers Defense Project is helping these construction workers with their claims.

  • Austin Economic Justice Campaign

Dallas Campaigns:

  • Dignity for Dallas Campaign

    A report WDAF and its partners put together to advance justice, change policing priorities, and invest in communities. The report outlines the following recommendations: This report also includes recommendations to: (1) further restrict when and how officers can use deadly force; (2) limit discretionary arrests for citation-eligible offenses; (3) enforce a range of non- serious offenses through alternatives to policing; and (4) strengthen community police oversight.

Houston Campaigns:

  • Always Essential Campaign

    Always Essential is working people, activists, and organizations joining together to transform what’s possible for essential workers — especially those in low-wage sectors who are disproportionately Black and other workers of color. We are working in cities, counties, states, and at the federal level to put essential workers first and build the lasting change we want to see. Together, we can and will win improve health and safety standards, better pay, and working conditions for essential workers.

Interested in joining a campaign?

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